Closed for the summer
Remodeling and upgrading our concept
10050 N. Scottsdale Rd., Suite 127
Scottsdale, AZ 85253
Phone: 480.477.1390

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About Sonata’s Restaurant

The primary aim of Sonata’s Restaurant was to add European cuisine to Scottsdale, the creator of some of the most tempting and amazing dishes of modern times. Defined as one of the Best Restaurants In Scottsdale Arizona, this restaurant has already won over millions of hearts, despite trying hands in somewhat new European cuisines. If you are a foodie and always willing to try something new and completely different from your basic taste, you can come across some innovative dishes from this sector. We keep the authenticity of European dishes and offer premium quality dishes, using fresh ingredients from the market. Not just good food, but our ambience is enough to soothe your mind and rejuvenate your soul. So, this restaurant will be definitely a major spot while looking for Places To Eat Scottsdale.

Perfect combination to check out

These dishes are crafted by some of the excellent chefs, with great knowledge of combining fresh ingredients for that authentic European dish. Well, this might be one of the reasons to make our restaurant one of the leading names of modern times. Whether you are currently in the lookout for Birthday Party Places In AZ or wedding celebration, you can always invite the masters from this restaurant to offer help. Birthday is one such celebration, full of vigor and is in need of upwardly modern environment for those hearty celebrations. Our restaurant is enough to grab attentions.

Best food by your side

Sonata’s Restaurant houses wide variations of European food under its European Cuisine Menu. Not just quality food, but clients will get the opportunity to taste authentic traditional European dishes, which they never tried before. We even made plans to upgrade our menu from time to time, which will add the element of surprise for the foodies out there. So, the next time you are looking for Good Restaurants Scottsdale AZ, you are always welcome to take a glimpse of our menu first!

Perfect ambience for soothing experience

We are able to add Lounge Scottsdale in our restaurant, which helps in attracting more clients towards our side, beside our amazing food of course! With an amazing atmosphere, catering to temperaments and expectations of clients, we are able to present you with some of the tastiest delicacies you have ever tried before. Well, our delectable cuisine is known for its high end quality and richness of fresh ingredients used. That helped us to earn the ranking of one of the Top Restaurants In Scottsdale with more and more people, adding in our list. Good food and perfect ambience is the key towards success, and we know how to balance the both.

Noted for offering only best service

When it is about conventional European cuisines, it is highly necessary for you to be sure of the quality and the exact taste to consider right here. We maintain all of that, which helps us to attract more people towards our side. When they are out looking for European Food Restaurant, our name comes right in their mind and for some good reasons though! Our clients have appreciated our efforts always and have even suggested others to come and taste our awesome European food. Our food junction often stands for sophisticated and some of the best European cuisines, straight from the kitchen of some amazing chefs from around the world. So, get the chance to explore rich European cuisines with us by your side!